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Well Balanced Chiropractic opened 19th of September 2011, by Dr. Yolanda Jennings. Well Balanced Chiropractic is the first and only Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic in the Gippsland region, Victoria.

Well Balanced Chiropractic provides specific and thorough chiropractic care for all ages.

We are result driven. By utilising the Gonstead Method we achieve quick and longer lasting results. Enabling individuals to return to their pre-injured state, reach optimal health and their true health potential quickly.

“Reach your full potential with Chiropractic Care”


Dr. Yolanda Jennings

Dr Yolanda Jennings is passionate about Gonstead chiropractic and loves working in her clinics in Traralgon and Malvern East helping patients.

How did she develop this love for chiropractic?  She says, ’For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for helping people.  As a 16 year old I had a terrible fall that caused a significant lower back and neck injury.  My parents took me to see a chiropractor and from that first appointment I knew this is what I wanted to do when I finished school.  I become obsessed with studying and understanding the intricate relationship between the spine, the nervous system and the effect these have on the way the body functions.  With an uninterrupted nervous system the body is able to function optimally.  Something I always strive for – optimal function – enabling me to reach my maximal potential!’

A well respected and ethical member of the profession, Dr Yolanda has built a referral based practice centred on patient outcomes.

Dr Yolanda is focused on delivering the highest quality of chiropractic care to her patients.  She believes this is achieved by devoting her practice to the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic, which provides a thorough diagnostic process, the most specific adjustment done by hand, resulting in a more permanent outcome for the patient.  Additionally she is certified in Gonstead Extremity adjusting and is currently studying to sit her Gonstead Diplomate exam this year.

In 2005, Dr Yolanda Jennings graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) with a double degree in Applied Science (Clinical) and Chiropractic Science.  She started Well Balanced Chiropractic in 2011 in Malvern East and then opened the second clinic in Traralgon in 2012.  It was not long before the Traralgon clinic became her main focus.

Dr Yolanda believes in giving back to society and to this end she donates much of her time to the furtherance of Gonstead Chiropractic.   She has been on the Gonstead Chiropractic Society Australia board since 2010 and is currently its National Vice President.

Dr Yolanda has a keen interest in keeping healthy with correct nutrition, exercise and mindset.  Yolanda spends hours studying the healthiest way to eat, move and think.  She loves spending time with Scott and their fur-baby Chilli.


Dr Christopher Jones

Dr Christopher Jones is a passionate Gonstead Chiropractic advocate.

Dr Chris Jones grew up in a small lobster fishing town north of Perth. Watching so many fit and active deckhands unable to work due to the crippling effects of back and neck pain inspired Chris to become a chiropractor to help alleviate the pain these people experienced.

Dr Chris Jones completed his Chiropractic studies at RMIT University in Melbourne 2011. After graduating he took an associate position in Chadstone before opening his own clinic in Ballina Northern NSW. Chris and his wife Maggie, loved the Byron Bay lifestyle, however, decided to move home to Victoria, to be close to family and establish themselves in Traralgon.

An avid traveller, Chris has spent many years backpacking in Central and South America, hitch-hiking between Canada and United states, working in NYC and London, surfing through Indonesia and Fiji and driving around Europe in a van with his now wife Maggie.


Our Masseurs’:-

Phoebe Trembath

Phoebe Trembath has spent much of her life playing competitive and high level volleyball where she has played for Latrobe Valley, Victoria and Australia. Throughout her own Volleyball career, and even to this day, Phoebe relies on Gonstead Chiropractic and massage to keep her elite body in tip-top shape. Phoebe has vast experience in dealing with and preventing injuries. Phoebe graduated from RMIT as a qualified massage therapist and is currently continuing her study to become a Myotherapist – she has 2 years left of this degree. Phoebe is fascinated with anatomy and physiology of the body and loves to learn and broaden my knowledge. Phoebe is one of a few people certified to massage woman while being pregnant in Traralgon and the Latrobe Valley.

Dr Yolanda and Phoebe have collaborated their knowledge and created a unique massage style specifically target and address many common conditions that are treated within the clinic. Phoebe is able to tailor her massage to the client’s needs and desires. Whether it is relaxation or a more targeted therapeutic massage, Phoebe will work through each muscle and remove the tension, returning your body to a relaxed and pain free-state.

Massage is the perfect complement to chiropractic adjustments. We find the best results occur when the underlying structural condition is corrected first, by an adjustment, and then followed up with a massage, to remove the tension from the muscular system.


Other members of our team…

Katherine White
Katherine has been working at Well Balanced Chiropractic since December 2012. She is excited about being a part of this team and enjoys seeing patients realise the wonderful, healing benefits of Gonstead Chiropractic care. When not working Katherine enjoys spending time with family and friends or can be found curled up on a couch with a good book.

Jodie Backman
Jodie loves working at Well Balanced Chiropractic.  As our newest team member, Jodie loves being part of a team that is focused on providing excellent care and service to our patients.  Jodie is passionate about helping people and loves discovering the many ways in which Gonstead chiropractic care can assist people of all ages.  In her spare time, Jodie enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


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